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Multi Table

Players are allowed to register for tournaments during a predetermined period prior to the start of the tournament. Registration continues until the registration period ends or the maximum number of players for the tournament is reached. In order to register, players normally pay an entrance fee, however some tournaments may be free to enter (free rolls).

Breaking tables

There are never more than the minimum number of tables required to seat all players. As the number of players reduces, the number of tables is also reduced. A table is removed as soon as the remaining players can all be seated around the remaining tables.

Example: When there are 41 players there are five tables, four with 8 players and one with 9. When a player is eliminated and there are 40 players remaining, one table is closed and the players are moved to the remaining four tables which are then full (10 players).

The table that is closed is the one with the least number of players seated. If more than one table has the smallest number of players, the table to be closed is randomly chosen from the two. Players from the closed table are randomly seated in the available seats at the remaining tables.

Hand for Hand Play Mode

In hand for hand play mode, all hands are dealt at the same time at all tables. This occurs whenever there is more than one table, and there is a significant change in prize money between two places. For example, in a 350 player tournament, the tournament changes to hand for hand play when there are 41 players, 31 players, 21 players and 11 players remaining. It stays hand for hand until one player has been knocked out in each situation.

Enter a Tournament

To enter the Multi Table Tournament screen, click the Multi Tourney tab.

From the Multi Tournament screen, players can register to play or click to watch a tournament (if one is in progress), as well as see all the important aspects of a tournament in real time.


The TID column shows the Tournament ID. It is possible to filter tournament types by clicking one of the five filter buttons labelled All, Regular, Satellites, Special, or Freeroll.

  • All: All tables.
  • Regular: Tournaments with no special requirements to enter.
  • Special: Tournaments where e.g. special conditions for registration apply.
  • Heads Up: Tournament which is organised into mulitple rounds with two players per table in each round.
  • Freeroll: Tournaments with no buy in or entry fee.
  • Satellites: Tournaments that are qualifiers for other tournaments.
Start Time (GMT)

Shows the start time for each tournament.


The name of the tournament.


Shows if the tournament has a fixed limit, no limit, or a pot limit. See Limits for further information.


Shows the buy in cost + the entry fee for the selected tournament.


Shows tournament status.


Shows how many players are registered for an upcoming tournament or the number of starting competitors in an ongoing tournament.


Click the column headings to change the sorting order in the different columns.

View Tournament Information

Select a tournament by clicking a tournament row. Some information about the tournament is displayed in the pane to the right of the tournament list. For more information, click the Tournament Info button. General tournament information is presented to the left in the screen and more specific information can be found under the two tabs Tabel Info and Tournament Info. The information differs slightly depending on the status of the tournament

Table Info

Information for each table in the tournament is shown together with a complete list of all players participating in the tournament.

Select a table and click Observe Table. This opens a live view of the selected table.

Select a player and click Player Info to show information about the player.

Tournament Info

Shows tournament specific information such as blind level schedule and distribution of the prize pot as well as start and stop levels of hand for hand play mode.

Click the Back button to return to the Multi Table Tournament screen.

Join the Game

If the game state is Register, a player can join the game by clicking the Register button on the tournament registration screen. A pop-up box asks the player to pay the buy in and entrance fee.

By clicking OK, the player receives a notification that he/she is registered for the tournament.


During the registration period the player may unregister from the tournament by clicking the Unregister button on the tournament information screen.

The player will get a notification that he/she is un-registered from the tournament and that the buy in and registration fee are refunded to his/her account.

Multi Table Tournament Rules

  1. All Multi Table Tournaments will begin at the time stated in the lobby.

  2. Registration times for all tournaments are shown in the lobby.

  3. Seats are randomly assigned and there will be no changes allowed.

  4. At the start of the tournament, players will be randomly seated on each table.

  5. The tournament ends when one player wins all of the chips in play.

  6. When a player loses all of their chips, they are eliminated from the tournament.

  7. If two or more players are eliminated in the same hand, the player with the most chips at the start of the hand will be placed higher. If the chips are tied then the player closest to the button will be placed higher.

  8. Raises are not capped in No Limit or Pot Limit tournaments but during limit tournaments there is a maximum of a bet and 3 raises before the pot is capped except when the play gets heads up.

  9. When play is heads up, (only 2 players remain) the player on the button will post the small blind and be first to act.

    Tables are automatically balanced during a tournament.

  10. Players may be moved to other tables to maintain the balance. If the player is moved into the Big blind position, this position is live and is in play immediately.

  11. Players who are moved into the small blind or button position will not be dealt into the hand until the button has passed them.

  12. The button acts as a dead button when players are eliminated in blind positions and will not move until both blinds have been paid.

  13. There are no deals between players allowed in any tournaments.

  14. Hand for Hand dealing will be operated when player numbers approach the prize money positions, and for each subsequent change in the prize money until the final table is reached. This means that all hands will start at the same time and a new hand will not be dealt until all hands on all tables have been completed.

  15. If a player has registered for a tournament and is not present at the start they will be blinded off and be deemed to have played in the tournament.

  16. Players or railbirds (Observers) may not discuss hands until a hand is over. Anyone discussing their discarded cards or hand possibilities may be subject to disqualification.

  17. Soft playing, team playing or chip dumping will result in disqualification from the tournament, and possibly suspension from Poker Hour with all funds impounded.

  18. Normal tournament rules apply to all tournaments.

  19. English is the only language allowed at the tables.

  20. Players and observers are expected to use the chat feature in a courteous manner.

  21. By participating in a tournament the player accepts the risk of Internet disconnection between their computer and the servers, or lag and freeze due to the players computer. does not accept responsibility for any player disconnections except in the event of a server crash.

  22. reserves the right to cancel or reschedule tournaments at their discretion.

  23. If in the event of a dispute, management decision will be final.

  24. reserve the right to amend the Tournament Rules and Policies at any time without notice to the players.

  25. A player who is disconnected during a tournament will be marked as sit out and blinded off until they reconnect to the tournament and uncheck the sit out box.

  26. Our normal all in/ disconnections policy applies to all tournaments.

  27. Players can only win one satellite entry to any tournament, there is no cash alternative and seats are not transferable. Should any player win two seats he or she will forfeit one of them. Should a player be unable to play for any reason then they will forfeit their entry. No refund will be given and players cannot transfer their entry to another date.

  28. By participating in a tournament the player consents to be bound by the tournament rules.

In the event of a server crash

In this instance, all current hands being played are cancelled and players at the tables will have their chips returned to the balance at the start of the hand. The tournament will restart when the server is back up. If it is not restarted and is subsequently cancelled, then the following procedures will be implemented: If less than 20% of the field have been eliminated then all entries will be refunded. If 20% or more of the field have been eliminated then 50% of the prize pool will be distributed equally between the remaining players and the other 50% will be distributed in proportion to their chip balance at the time of cancellation. If the chip balances are unavailable then the remaining prize pool will be distributed equally between the remaining players.